Out with the old

I won’t even go into the atrocities we found when we pulled out the old stove.  Oy. I’m such a crappy housekeeper.

2015-06-19 20.08.49

In with the new.

2015-06-20 16.35.08

What should I bake in it first? Cupcakes? Tater tots?

2015-06-19 20.08.49 no microwave

The new microwave can’t go in yet. The old one was hard wired into the wall which is apparently a no-no.  Whether or not it was a no-no when the ex installed it back in 2008, I have no idea.  If he knew about it, he certainly kept quiet about it as he had no stake in whether the thing was installed correctly or not.

Anywho, the nice delivery guys took one look at that and said “Nope”.  They were really sweet about it though and explained that nowadays these things just get plugged in. An electrician would have to come and install an outlet up in the cupboard for me.  Handsome and Handy Hubby is going to take care of that and the nice GE Gentlemen will come back on Tuesday and hang and install the microwave.

2015-06-19 12.41.56

This little piece of serenity is the updated look for the bed.  I won’t keep it like this all the time.  Instead, I’ll make the bed up like this when the house is being shown. My room looks so barren.


2015-06-20 18.51.242015-06-20 18.05.05

My door is being repainted by this nice gentleman. I know it’s the big thing to go to school for the tech industry jobs, but seriously, people.  Where would we be without these guys? And gals!  There is a very cute young lady prepping the front door frame but I was too embarrassed to ask if I could take her picture. Consider going into skilled labor, kiddos.  We need you.

When am I ever going to feel like knitting or crocheting again?


Moving out looks a lot like moving in

These pictures were taken in early April of 2008

100_3188 100_3187


small pencil plant


The only difference is the couches are rattier and the plant on the sink has turned into three plants that are three feet tall.

Where did all this stuff come from?

2015-06-11 19.37.00 2015-06-06 11.32.50


How on earth did we fit all of this in my tiny little house?

The last one

I honestly didn’t think this day would happen.  After all the awfulness of three years ago, I just didn’t see how I was ever going to get to see my last child graduate.  I am so pleased I was wrong.

It was small, it was understated, but caps, gowns, speeches, pomp and circumstance was involved. All three grandmas were present, along with the honorary aunt and uncle who are two of my most favorite people in the world.  I was surrounded by almost everyone that is super important to me and I got to watch my son walk.

I have so many emotions overwhelming me at the moment that all I can manage to say is that it was beautiful.

Just like my son.

2015-06-05 18.17.34

Here he is with the three grandmas.

2015-06-05 18.20.06


Congratulations, Hatchie, and nicely done.

A nice break

I get to take a small break.  My mother is in town. My son is graduating tomorrow. There is no room in this house to squeeze my poor mother in anywhere so she is staying in a hotel down the street.  She wants me to stay with her.  She insured that I would do so by getting a room with a jetted soaking tub. So, while I’m still madly packing , dealing with family in town, getting everyone to a graduation and then to a big dinner during the day…

I get to spend my evenings soaking in a large tub.

It’s going to be a very nice few days.

Packing also counts as packing

2015-05-29 10.40.50

Five! Five boxes packed.  Ah, ah, ah.  Well, more than five.  I have boxes and bins stacked all over the house.  Thankfully hubby procured the storage unit yesterday so now I can run boxes down there as they are packed and don’t have to leave them sitting around.  It’s still going to look like a wreck when the realtor comes on Monday.  Poor thing, I bet she faints.

2015-05-30 16.28.04

Most of the yarn stash is in storage. I feel faint. I feel like I’ve left my child in daycare on my first day back at work. It’s like I’ve put him on the bus on his first day of Kindergarten.

Now to tackle the sewing and cross stitch stash.

Oh my gosh, I hope I don’t have to put my spinning wheel in the storage unit. That would be asking way too much of me right now.

Crocheting counts as packing

We’ve decided the time has come to sell our townhouse and move into a bigger house.  We simply don’t fit. What comes next in my life is sure to be a whirlwind of packing and cleaning so this house can be staged for selling.

If I finish a couple of blankets I have on the needles, then those blankets can be sent to their new homes, thus freeing up space in the house.

Thus, crocheting counts as packing.

2015-05-07 12.01.59

A tale of several grannys

While I was on vacation in Texas, I ran across this yarn. It was so brightly colored that it made me happy just by looking at it. I thought it would be perfect to make a granny square blanket. It was only Red Heart but the cheerful colors were just what I needed to boost my crafting mojo.

2015-03-24 18.45.00

I made a few of these squares and thought I would add some rounds of solid colors. The whole crafting plan slowed to a crawl. I made square after square and couldn’t seem to find the look that I wanted.

2015-03-22 16.33.092015-05-21 21.04.35

2015-03-22 16.32.492015-02-21 20.27.21

I really want a traditional looking granny square blanket with bright colors. The blankets I like have squares with only one row for each color. I kept shying away from that because I didn’t want to weave in a lot of ends.

It still wasn’t doing anything for me.

I finally sucked it up, made the squares with only one row of color and I think I have finally arrived at the look that I want.  These will either be edged with white or black.

2015-05-22 00.11.09


Another blanket or two

I finished a baby blanket.  It’s been handed over to the new mother to be so I can post about it here.

2015-05-16 08.11.29

A simple granny square made with Caron Simply Soft. This is the first baby blanket that I’ve made with bright colors.  Before they’ve always been traditional baby colors.  I love how it turned out, the yarn is very soft. I have to say though, that I didn’t care much for the yarn while I was crocheting with it.  It untwists horribly while crocheting.  I have enough yarn left to make another blanket if I change the order of the colors.

I’m making another blanket now with Lion Brand Baby Soft and in comparison, it’s heavenly to work with. No untwisting at all and it’s an S twist just like the Caron. This colorway is Circus Print.

2015-05-18 20.13.38

I also finished another blanket made from Red Heart Baby Econo, a yarn that is sadly no longer made. It is also easy to crochet with. They have a similar one now but this particular colorway Rock A Bye, is out of production. It is one of my favorite colorways of this yarn, so this blanket goes into my Future Grandbaby stash. The yarn isn’t soft right out of the skein, but it softens up just fine after a few washes.

2015-05-21 19.37.44



So, this happened

2015-04-03 15.56.25

I’m going to fix this myself. I figured if a guy could do it, and it didn’t involve procreation, I could do it, too.  Hubby wanted to call a guy and I almost did. But then I started watching some youtube videos and it honestly didn’t look that hard. I’d already started some of the demo when this picture was taken.  It was really quite disgusting under there. All of the bottles and containers, cleaning products mostly, were spattered and there was slime!

2015-04-03 16.43.03


More demo done, but the leak was still present, made worse by the dishwasher installation.  Oh yeah, I have a new dishwasher! Squee.  It didn’t fit like the old one did so the install guys left (I said it was okay, no disrespect meant to the Home Depot folks) after giving me a couple of options.

2015-04-04 12.08.39


Almost all of the demolition is done, I’m just waiting to make sure everything is nice and dry and that the fixed leak (thanks Honey) stays fixed.

I bought a few supplies.  #whoneedsatruck

2015-04-04 12.57.49

So, I’m sure I shall be invoking the anger of the Universe by asking:

How hard could it be?

2015-04-03 14.34.32

The new dishwasher looks lovely and seems to work well enough.