It was a beautiful day.

David and I were sealed in the Mount Timpanogas Temple.  None of my family are members but my dearest friend, Wendy, made sure I was properly escorted and not alone. She held my hand, dabbed my tears, and dutifully took a lot of lovely photographs.

Except for this one, I hope it’s okay to take a selfie at the temple!

Thanks, Wend, it meant so much to me that you were there.

School and Knitting

I started week 12 of school today and I see that I haven’t mentioned a thing here.  I made a big deal of choosing a new project to work on during breaks and at school and then didn’t really work on it.  I have been working on my shawl, but my knitting time has been so limited.

I finished a pair of Halloween socks.  The only bit left to do was the Kitchener stitch.  I really don’t like Kitchener stitch and it was this that put the sock back into the WIP pile. I had tried a few times, had to pick out the mess I made, and re-knit part of the toe. This is why I like top-up socks.  I did these socks top down because that’s the way it had to be done because of the yarn I chose. Since I adore this yarn and I have several others like it, I’m just going to have to suck it up and get better at Kitchener stitch.

I pulled out another pair of Halloween socks and will be working on those, but knowing how seldom I knit, I don’t see these getting done before the end of the month.  It’s just a project to keep me interested during the Halloween season. They are adorable though!  This pattern is a mash up of toe up sock patterns from some books, and Nancy Bush’s Fox Face socks.  The yarn is Salvia. My feet are cold on campus, so I have a lot of incentive to finish a pair or three of wool socks. From there, I’ll move on to a more Fall themed sock projects. Being in school tends to cut into one’s knitting and blogging time.

Halloween on campus was a blast. My costume even got a few nods of recognition. One fellow student commented “Sick Doctor Who costume!”.  I was pleased.  The dancing T-Rex and the Darth Vader with theme music were among the best things I saw that day.

CookAndCleanGiving is coming up and I think we’ll do ours early so we can get most if not all the kids there.  I would be looking forward to the break if holidays were really a break for homemakers. Whoa, negativity, did I say that out loud?

Look! Pretty fall campus!

School has been going well.  So well, in fact, I might not have to retake a class I thought I was going to have to retake. I was pretty excited and relieved. My brain isn’t as old and crusty as I thought and here’s to all oldies going back to school! We’ve got this!




A new project is like a new notebook

There is something magical about a brand-new notebook. It’s crisp and clean and full of potential. I won’t lie, I may be a little addicted to school, office, and stationery supplies.

So much potential. This project is so new, it hasn’t had time to give me grief. Oh, I know it’s coming. These will be my at school project.  New school year, new project, new notebook.

Two at a time, toe-up socks in Felici Time Traveler.

So, I’m back

The IT professional I lovingly refer to as DH has finally put the things back together that made the blog possible.

I blogged a couple of times on my other site. A post over there reminded me that I was blogging over there because the IT professional nearest and dearest to my heart had taken the blog down back then as well. I could have, maybe put it back together myself but the times I tried I ran into snags that I needed help with and frankly I was just too tired to get it done.

While I was gone, a new spindle joined the collection.

And little bits of quilting are starting to happen.

I had better get started.

A small tradition but a sweet one

Our fairly recently established tradition for Valentine’s Day is chocolate covered strawberries.  David has decided that traditions are important. To me, traditions are perfectly fine, as long as someone else does the work. When you are consistently running short of spoons, traditions fall by the wayside in favor of what is easier and more restful. I do sometimes try to be supportive so I brought home chocolate and strawberries on Monday so I could make a batch.  The strawberries were not going to cooperate and last until Wednesday, which is fine, I wanted to make them while Joshua was still here. On Tuesday, I melted the chocolate and dipped a few dozen strawberries. I think they turned out rather nice.

The last time I tried to melt chocolate, I made rather a mess of things. This time, it worked perfectly. Chocolate is a fickle thing.


Not a creature was stirring

Well, there was this creature…

Christmas Day passed super quietly with almost no company. All of the kids were elsewhere and we enjoyed a lovely quiet day. I still had to cook and clean, but one never gets away from that, does one? Our celebrations were a few days later which means I still had time to finish knitting.  After more cooking and cleaning, of course.

In addition to a few knitting projects, I did a little stirring myself. The sourdough experiments continued and another batch of peppermint sugar scrub happened.

Still, I was a day or two late finishing the boot cuffs. I was anxious to cast off the last one when this happened:

I know I’m famous for losing at yarn chicken, but that’s not what happened here. I cut the yarn before casting off the stitches on the last needle.

Merry Cook&Cleanmas, everyone!




We pulled off a wedding

In October, my daughter got married and it still doesn’t seem quite real.

Wedding manicure

Wedding day breakfast

Wedding day hair

On our way to the venue

There was very little that I had to do. The heavy lifting was done by the venue, caterer, photographer and Danica herself. Danica did the center pieces, bouquets, and corsages. A seamstress (that turned out to be a cousin) made her dress. I’m exhausted, but that’s mostly mental trying to wrap my head around having a married daughter. I ran a few errands and picked up a few things, but my job in this thing was relatively small. The biggest thing I did, aside from giving birth to her, was to make her a shawl.

Everything was wonderful, everything was beautiful. I got to socialize with friends and family. I got to walk my daughter down the aisle and I got to sign the marriage certificate as a witness. It was a beautiful evening. I sat beside my mother and watched as my husband did a fabulous job officiating the ceremony.

I’ve laughed and cried as my daughter embarked on this new stage in her life.

Then her new husband whisked her away for a honeymoon in Paris and my brain stayed firmly stuck overseas wondering and worrying over their safety until they finally landed back here.

The many locations of Danicat

This is the kitty that spawned the Great Kitty Acquisition of Fall 2017. She’s very shy and more than a little skittish. She started out hiding in the bathroom and then graduated to hiding amongst the electronics.

Keeping watch from the back of the couch.

Keeping the windowsill tradition alive.

Surveillance from above.

Checking out a suspicious silhouette.

She started to warm up a little and then she had to be chased down, put manhandled into a carrier, wildly driven through the city streets, and then THE VET gave her A SHOT. She went back to being shy. Mostly around me. A month later she’s warming up again and some people in the house have reported that if the house is really quiet and they are the only ones in the room, she will come sit with or on them.


New things

I was so heartbroken when I lost Keaton back in March. I knew I would eventually get another cat, one always seemed to find me. I waited and waited and no strays waltzed into my life. This is odd. I have always, and I mean always had cats. Before now the longest I’d been without one was from the time I moved to Utah to a couple of months after I got married. There was always someone with free kittens within easy reach, or a stray found behind a dumpster at someone’s work, or a cat wandering on to the property but it’s been months.

I finally decided it was time to go looking and where better to look than at the local shelter. I had put off going because I knew I was going to be a mess because I couldn’t take them all home. While I was looking over the pictures on their website I came across a calico described as shy and who had been given the name Danica.

I had to go look. I screwed up my courage. I skipped the mascara. I grabbed the tissues and went.

This is what I found:

Oops, she’s cuddled up with a friend. They didn’t come into the shelter together but made friends while there. This is okay, two adult cats, I’m not opposed to having two cats and they’re already friends.

I went out to fill out the paperwork to find that the formerly empty display cages in the reception area were suddenly filled with several tiny, fluffy kittens.

Well played, animal shelter, well played.