Some Assembly Required

Father Christmas is done. By that I mean that all the pieces are finished and I have a tiny bit of stuffing and sewing to do. The various fringe bits are from with a loop stitch that I did not remember how to do since I’d left this project sitting for four plus years. I really think it’s more than four. I say four because the pattern says I printed it in 2006. I know that only means it was the LAST time I printed the pattern but I’m sticking to four years 🙂

The loop stitch turned out well after I finally re-figured out how to do it. I had some excellent help from Crazy Aunt Purl, a couple of youtube videos and the instructions in the pattern. I needed to see the pictures to understand the instructions. It’s kind of a fun stitch. I never want to have to do it again.  Except that I have enough yarn to make another one of these guys and he’s really cute. I must be nuts.

Ready for assembly