It’s still not Father Christmas

I’ve finished the fingerless gloves, and blocked them. *eek* I’ve blocked something! What with that and knitting with DPNs I feel like a real grown-up knitter.  I’m ready to take on a lace shawl! Okay, that might be a little premature, maybe I had just better finish Father Christmas. He only needs a few things sewn on. Seriously, how hard could this be?

Next I need to whip out a ton of scarves on the knitting machine for a family Christmas party. I have a ton of acrylic yarn that I have no intention of using for anything. I’ve collected lots of it over the years thinking I was going to make various afghans. The only afghans I’ve managed to make are a few baby blankets here and there. I just never had time. Or, rather, I never made the time. I always preferred to play video games in any free time that I had.  Working mother? Free time?  HAHAHAHAHAHA! Besides, killing digital monsters in World of Warcraft is a great way to de-stress. *ahem*

I set aside all the baby yarn for future baby blankets, I’m keeping a couple afghan projects for myself and the rest is getting turned into scarves and hats.  Hopefully this will free up FOUR large Rubbermaid totes of space. I’ve destashed twice by going through the yarn and donating it to various causes and that’s what I had left. FOUR Rubbermaid totes. That’s just the acrylic.

I have a nice tower of natural fiber yarn that is earmarked for socks and shawls. There is also a lot of yarn that has no purpose other than it was really soft and pretty and I just HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.  Knitters know how it is. You go into a yarn shop. The wool fumes get to you and pretty soon all this stuff made of decadent fibers in fabulous colors starts to leap off the shelves and into your hands.  Anyway, this nice tower of yarn has grown since I started knitting again last June.  I need to figure out a happy home for all this yarn, somewhere other than stacked against the wall of my bedroom. But first, I have to get rid of the FOUR Rubbermaid totes.

And finish Father Christmas.