It was very merry

I had a wonderful Christmas with my children, step-children, in-laws and my dear, sweet husband.  We opened presents, we visited family, we ate good food and a lot of it. I completed a lot of knitting and it seemed to be appreciated by the various recipients. On the Thursday before Christmas I met my friends Meli and Wendy for dinner and we exchanged gifts. Wendy gave me a subscription to Spin Off magazine and Meli gave me a framed cross stitched dragon. During that dinner we laughed a lot and I knit a large amount of a hat for step-son Stanley.  We had our immediate family Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve since David’s kids were going back home in the afternoon the next day. We had a dinner/lunch on Christmas at my mother in law Dawn’s house. She had a fabulous spread of a smoked turkey, cheese potatoes, and various appetizers. YUM!!! She’s an awesome lady. I can honestly say I’ve been twice-blessed with fabulous mothers in law. Darlene, the ex MIL, brought over a chocolate cake that was so chocolaty looking it makes one happy just gazing upon it. The woman does not know the meaning of making  a cake from a box. It’s all from scratch and To. Die. For.

I have enjoyed snow, Christmas lights and Christmas music. It’s been a great year. I can’t even begin to describe how much better than years past. I am so very blessed and my life is full.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a fabulous New Year. God Bless.

Some of the projects I completed:

Mitts for my dear friend Wendy. They are finished, I just don’t have a picture of them finished. I’ll see if I can get her to model them for me. She has the most beautiful slender hands and wrists.

and apparently the other pics are lost. I finished a few hats but didn’t get pictures of them before they were given away :/