My newest obsession

My newest obsession seems to be knitting the Harry Potter scarf from Prisoner of Azkaban.

My first attempt was started with Vanna’s Choice yarn. The yarn was nice for an acrylic but the colors were too close to the Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets scarf colors.   So, I stopped and bound it off into a hat.  Isn’t it cute?

Next I watched the third and fourth movies carefully to check the proportions against the patterns that I found on Ravelry, made my own adjustments and started again. I’m using Red Heart (sigh) and hate the yarn but the color is better. The claret color is rough and squeaky but the gold isn’t too bad. I’ve used Red Heart successfully for so many projects and they weren’t BAD. This particular skein is BAD. I have an afghan and a baby blanket going right made from Red Heart and they aren’t BAD. *pout* If this wasn’t going to be TV knitting I would have done it on the knitting machine. If I run across some inexpensive wool in the right colors (or even another brand of acrylic)  I will probably abandon it and start again.  I don’t want to start again so I’m avoiding the big box stores. Beside, Robert’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and JoAnn’s all have different selections so I can’t compare stuff side by side.  SO frustrating!

I like the burgundy, but I’d like the gold to be more gold and less yellow.

Jessica is still as cute as ever.