Knitting slump turns into stitching

I hit a knitting slump after my Texas visit in April and started cross stitching instead. Maybe it wasn’t so much as a knitting slump as a “I really want to cross stitch, I haven’t done it in years”. I brought home some of Mom’s projects to work on and it really inspired me to pick up a needle.  I have this great floor lamp that Mom gave to me that has a magnifying lens on it. I can adjust the lamp so that it perfectly lights up my crafting space. It kinda hurts my pride to have to use it.  I should have gotten bifocals when I got new glasses this year but my pride got in the way. My Self told Me: Not until I’m 50, dammit. I got great glasses that allow me to drive comfortably, but I have to slide them down my nose to read or knit.  It’s gotten beyond frustrating. I also got a pair of contacts that lets me see on my computer and knit and read ohhhhhhh so nicely, but I can’t see across the room :/  I’ve been near-sighted since the 4th grade and now to find that I have to get two different prescriptions to see both near and far, well, that was rubbing salt in the wound in a major way.

So, anyway, after bringing all this neat cross stitch stuff home I thought I would try to finish some of the projects that Mom had started. And the lamp lets me do that.

So far this year, cross stitch wise, I spent some time working on a Halloween cross stitch that I really like, another Halloween cross stitch I bought and started during another trip to Texas and will soon try to finish a project of Mom’s that she started for my dad. I just discovered while setting up this picture that the shop that sold me the pattern and put the kit together for me put in a wrong thread. That shows how much I’ve worked on this project. Oh darn, that means I’ll need to go to Pine Needles in Gardner Village to get the right color and the two colors I’m missing.

Knit wise, I’m working on Adrian’s scarf and I started a sock for Mom. Her shawl is in time out and I’ve found a different pattern to try. I’m just not accomplished enough to pull off the chart for the Virginia pattern she chose. Maybe later in my knitting life I will be able to do this one. I’d really like to, it sure it pretty and the designer provides excellent pattern support but I just couldn’t get the thing to come out right.  Every other row I would end up with the wrong number of stitches and have to tink back and try again. I will have to get started on it soon if I want it finished for Christmas and for her to be able to wear while it’s still cool in Texas.  I had better hurry.