12/12/12 –  what an interesting day, numerically speaking.  I imagine people all over the world are getting married and doing other things to mark the occasion of a fun numerical date. Personally, I plan on trying to get at least my nephew’s Harry Potter scarf finished so that I can get it into the Christmas box and in the mail. Then, I will go get my quarterly depo shot and try to get the Christmas cards finished. Maybe I will even thing about putting up the tree. I don’t put the tree up right after Thanksgiving because my daughter prefers the tree to go up after her birthday.

I don’t have any new pictures of knitting to share so I will leave you with a picture from my knit group’s Christmas party. I hostessed this year and my Season 12 Doctor Who scarf got in on the action.

From L-R you see the lovely Kit, Glenna, Crystal, Jill, Liz and Janalee.

What are you going to do today?