The things I want to write sound better in my head than what comes out while typing. I wonder why that is? Is it the Universe looking for balance and humility or am I really terrible at putting thoughts down on paper?

I love reading knitting blogs. They give me such good ideas.  I had an idea of what I wanted to make as gifts for the family this Christmas but changed my mind as I thought I was being too ambitious. Another idea came to me, but it seemed silly and too cheap. The Yarn Harlot gave me a good idea to add to what  I had in mind and suddenly it feels perfect.  I love knitting and the knitting community.

Chynna and I went up to Gardner Village where I could not resist the lure of a bit more Halloween fabric. I’m looking forward to a bit of practice on the new machine and to starting on the 2nd of my Ghostie socks.

We have pneumonia in the house and that has pretty much put a stop to all normal activity. Here’s to hoping they get better soon and no one else gets it.