More sewing

I found all my sewing stash, purchased more, and then waited until school had started so I would have some uninterrupted days to lay it all out, take pictures of the chaos and hopefully get started on learning how to use the machine.  It’s been YEARS since I regularly used one.  Who am I kidding?  I’ve never regularly used one.

I was convinced that either I’d missed them, or my new machine really didn’t come with bobbins.  The manual says there should be 4. I didn’t see any. I committed to myself to search again, but just in case I went out shopping to see if I could find bobbins for my Brother CS 6000i. The packages at the regular stores says “fits most Brother machines”.  The one shop that had them for sure had a power outage due to a lovely thunder storm that I was driving through.  They couldn’t sell me anything because the cash register is all electric. I get that in our day and age electronic everything is really cool. It makes it easier to keep track of inventory. But, today, when I’m at my wit’s end, having just been through horrid stop and go traffic because the street lights were out, EMS vehicles everywhere with very few people pulling over for them and positive that I was going to sit down and be unable to start sewing because I don’t have a single bobbin. It would have been Sunday and as I don’t shop on Sundays I won’t go back to the store to see if the power is on.  I took a risk at another store and purchased the “fits most Brother machines” bobbins.

It turns out that my machine did come with bobbins, and the bobbins that I purchased match.  I now have a lot of bobbins. I can now make messes like this:


I fiddled about for a couple of days trying to get the tension set correctly and was about to give up when I suddenly stumbled upon the correct setting. I got several squares put together and when I bother to get around to setting up the ironing board to press the seams open, I will sew the rest. These little piles of squares will hopefully become tote bags.  It’s good that I had this small victory because I had a super depressing evening at Knit Night.  An unpleasant person returned to our group and I had to rip out my mother’s shawl yet again.  I’m beginning to think that shawls just aren’t meant to be a part of my knitting repertoire.  Onward on to something else and when I’ve taken a nice, long break from it, I will try again.  I conquered heels on socks, I can do this too.  For now, I need to find room for a fabric stash.

Since I’m going to take the dive into sewing, I’m going to have set up specific days/times for all the various crafts that I want to do. Wednesdays are for Spinning or some such thing. Otherwise, I’ll get overwhelmed and try to DO ALL THE THINGS and then get nothing done.

Did I mention that I’d like to start cross stitching again? Maybe once I get new glasses.