Yes, knitters do need tape

It’s not a secret that I love school supplies. And it’s not just a rationalization for buying these school supplies that I say knitters need mpens, pencils, erasers, rulers, and notebooks. But what about tape?

Well, tape is useful for repairing the ball bands that fall apart.

2016-09-02 17.45.09

It is also useful for getting the cat hair off the yarn and the project.

2016-09-02 17.47.592016-09-02 17.47.11

Because expecting the cat to stay away from the knitter, yarn, and project is asking for way too much.

2016-09-02 18.33.33

See what I did there? I totally rationalized justified the need for me to buy that little orange tape dispenser.

Oh, when the oldest boy needed a pencil sharpener? Bestill my heart.