My knitting has cat hair in it

That’s probably true of most knitters. The observation has been made more than once that knitting and cats go together. I’m starting another hat after scarcely finishing one. I spent some time picking the cat hair out of it only to notice that more was getting caught in it. I looked down at my shirt to find that Keaton had left abundant evidence of his presence in my life.

This hat will be like the one I just finished, in that it will be made of acrylic and will go in the box for the local police officers. This time however, I’m going to use a cast on method taught to me by my dear friend Kit. Instead of measuring and remeasuring and obsessively casting on over and over again I’m going to use yarn from the other end of the ball.


I’m always irritated during the first row of a hat, but the cleverness of Kit, who has dog hair in her knitting instead,┬áhas made this one that much easier.