Stitch Markers

While I was sorting through my accessories, I found a string of beads I purchased at an LYS that was going out of business.  They are little ceramic animals.  Chynna looked at them and determined they were Chinese zodiac animals.  Indeed, that’s what they turned out to be. I turned them into stitch markers.

While I was at it, I made a few more Halloween stitch markers

Update:  I had a very good question from the lovely Shev: How do you remove stitch markers after you’re through with them? Aren’t they stitched into the pattern?

In knitting, stitch markers aren’t fixed to the work, they slide across the needle between stitches.

When you crochet, you need different stitch markers because you don’t have “live” stitches, the kind that unravel when you knit.

This kind of marker has an opening and is made to slide out of the work without snagging the yarn.