Dear Sunshine

I’m a few days late, your birthday weekend was crazy.¬† Still, that’s no excuse not to wish a happy 19th birthday to my dear little Sunshine.

You’ve been such a wonderful addition to my life and I’ve enjoyed every minute that you’ve been with me. As the child who had the easier labor of my three babies I don’t much get the opportunity of laying the “difficult labor” guilt trip on you. I’m sure I found something else¬† equally amusing to annoy you with. I’m proud to be the mother of such a wonderful woman but don’t forget you’ll always be my little girl.

I’m so proud of the beautiful woman you’ve become. I love the way you’ve gone through this life so tender-hearted and so caring of those around you. I’ve loved the way you went through school finding the kids that no one wanted to hang out with, gathering them and forming a fabulous group of friends. I love the way you handled the move from one high school to another by looking at it as an opportunity to make more friends. I love the way you’ve worked hard at your talents to make them even better.

Happy Birthday dear Chynna Sunshine.