I missed my own blogiversary.

Blogaversary?  Is there an accepted term or spelling for that?

On Dec 4, 2010, I made my first blog post and well, things haven’t changed much. I still have cats, just not so many. I still have children at home, just not so many. I still have an ex that should do the world a favor and disappear. I still knit, not as much as I want to. I learned to spin, got a spinning wheel and hardly spin but would like to. I took up and abandoned cross stitching again with lightning speed. I’ve suffered some extreme heartbreak which may have had a lot to do with the loss of the knitting mojo, spinning drive and stitching desire. The last half of this year has been beyond horrible with respect to a certain aspect of my life. The rest of the my life has been as fabulous and as wonderful as ever. I still have the most wonderful husband on the planet. I still live in a beautiful and fabulous area. I still have incredible friends and family. I’ve learned and am still learning a great many things. I have some interesting things ahead of me.

That must always be deemed an advantage.

FWIW, the Urban Dictionary tells me it’s blogiversary.