The clean start continues…

The cleaning and organizing craziness is still going on here at the FaMiLy Zoo.  Books were taken to DI.  More bookshelves have been purchased and installed in my room in place of the smaller one I removed. A piece of one of the bookshelves was broken when I took it out of the box so I have to wait a week or two for my second bookshelf.  Once I get that put up I can get more stuff off of my floor and out of the catch all basket at the foot of my bed. I organized my tower of yarn again and my knitting corner (again) and all the books in my shelf (again).I cleared my desk of all non-essential stuff which leaves more room for my laptop and my knitting.It also makes knitting more relaxing not to be surrounded by a pile of clutter. It seems like clutter uses up too much energy and oxygen in my life just simply by sitting there.

Previous to this my kids and I had cleaned and organized the pantry and laundry closet so stuff fits in there better. After that I cleaned out my living room built in bookshelf and my china hutch. Having all these spots become clean and tidy is like suddenly being able to breathe after being under water. It’s amazing and uplifting. I have a few projects that are going to take some knitting time away from me (sad face) but it will be worth it. The dejunking also continues. When I remarried I found that I needed to pare down again on the mountain of stuff that came with me from the old house. DH found he has to do the same thing.

One of the dejunking things I committed to was the yarn stash. I had more than one large Rubbermaid tub of yarn that had no purpose. I didn’t have anything planned for it, it was just stuff I had collected over the years thinking I was maybe going to make a blanket, or a whatever out of it. When I picked up knitting again I had moved on to the wool yarns, the sock yarns, the hand painted yarns and built a nice little stash of those. The stuff in the tubs was acrylic that I really wasn’t going to do anything with. I donated some but still had a lot more. I made four piles. Baby yarn and three piles of regular Red Heart yarn. All the piles are going to be crocheted into stash busting blankets to either be used or given away. I’m happy to say I’m almost done with pile one! Then I will need to take a break because all that crocheting has really done a number on my wrists! Owie, owie, owie.

Now, if I can just get laundry done (and more importantly put away) the room will be just about perfect. How does one stay on top of laundry?  Ugh, not my favorite thing. I don’t mind sorting and washing, but putting away?  Bleh.

My current little projects are growing, some more than others.

Washcloth that is being made for someone who is about to move into a house 🙂

This is my swatch for the socks that I will make with this yarn.

Sock yarn from the Knitters Brewing Co.

Margarita w/Salt getting wound into a happy little yarn cake

I managed to cast on for the toe using Judy’s Magic Cast On.  But that’s as far as I got. I had a little mishap when I tried to do the first row and had to start again. Maybe I will get possessed by the ghost of Elizabeth Zimmerman and get past that first row again 🙂
Meanwhile the crazy clean start continues…