Packing for a trip is always interesting to me. I spend a bit of time dithering about what to take. I’m good on the basics, I have a list in my head about makeup, jewelry, contacts/glasses, toiletries etc. Even what clothing to take isn’t usually hard for me.

It’s the hobbies I have a hard time with. I made an extra effort to pack light but I wanted to make sure I had enough knitting. What if I run out of knitting? I’m on a yarn diet, so I don’t want to buy more when I’m out there. I’m sure I could just take one big project and not even remotely come close to finishing it, but what if? What if I suddenly start to knit as fast as the Yarn Harlot? What if I suddenly have more time on my hands than I anticipated? What if the pattern isn’t suitable for the car? I’d need a car project and a relaxing at Mom’s house project. What if I get stuck on the pattern or get bored and want to make something else? What about other crafts? I dithered about whether or not I should take cross stitching. The last time I visited, I didn’t take cross stitching with me and got hit by a stitching bug so badly, I had to visit an LNS and buy a small project. I’ve barely worked on that project, that’s totally beside the point. I didn’t want to buy more cross stitching stuff so I took a few things along just in case. I took the project I bought last time, and the Halloween project that I’ve worked on the most recently, and a project that Mom started that I really want to finish. I didn’t work on any of it, but it made me feel all prepared and stuff. I also wanted to continue working on my journal. This brings up a whole new set of packing decisions. Which journals do I take? This year’s, obviously, but what if I got all caught up? I should take another year to work on as well. Should I take my mood journal? Probably, since that is an important part of my therapy. How many pens should I take? Just the black ones I use for my journal or should I also take the multi-colored ones that I use for everything else? (Perhaps a discussion about my intense relationship with office supplies should be left for another day) If don’t take enough pens, I will feel compelled to buy more, so I had better take more than I’m sure I will need. I seem to suffer from grand delusions about how much time I have and how much I can get done in that amount of time and what kinds of things I really need. All of these things fly through my brain at lightning speed and whirl around and around until I finally have to type this out in an email to my friends just so I can step back, see how silly I am and get some perspective. They talked me down, made a few sensible suggestions that fed my need to be prepared but stopped me from renting a large trailer to transport the entire contents of my desk and craft area. I finally decided on Mom’s shawl, the mint baby blanket and the yarn for a couple of dishcloths since I know that Mom really likes those. The 2013 journal, two black pens, the 2011 journal, the mood journal and two purple pens made the cut. I didn’t pack enough shirts and found myself momentarily wishing I had brought one or two more but the knowledge that I had plenty to knit, crochet, cross stitch and write kept me satisfied.

For the record – I finished one dishcloth, three pattern repeats on the blanket, and ripped the mitten back to before the thumb area. Oh, did I forget to mention I also took the mittens I was working on? Moving on. Nothing to see here. Except this dishcloth that is photographed upside down, but looked too odd when I rotated the picture, and maybe this baby blanket that is a replica of the one I made for my son when he was born.