There are so many things I love about visiting Texas.

My parents, sister, and nephews live there.

Although the humidity can be stifling in the summer, it ensures that pedicures last longer. You can get a pedicure and two weeks later your heels are still soft.

Texas has incredible state pride. I’ve not been to all 50 states, but the several I have visited don’t seem to have it like Texas does. I see more state flags here than anywhere else I have visited. I see more Texas merchandise than anywhere else. Of course, I had to get some, because you can never have too many kitchen towels. My daughter disagrees with this, but I have hope she will grow to see the light.


I get to visit with Rachel at Panera Bread, eat yummy things and knit for hours. Twice. Look at that cute little baby bump! I’m sorry I was a dork and forgot to give you your present, twice! I’ll make it up to you by shipping something extra from here 🙂

Rachels baby bump cropped

Flowers are still popping up out of the ground in February.

Flowers in February cropped

The quirkiness of family. You’d think a sister would make more of an effort to see you when you come to town. Last year she didn’t come over because she had to go shopping for a desk before the shops  all left town for an undetermined amount of time. Who knew when she’d be seeing them again? Oh wait, that was me that was leaving town. Thank goodness the next time I came, she invited me to come over and put that desk together for her. I might not have gotten to see her at all. I must be visiting too often. You’d think that when your sister sees you for the first time after cutting off 14 inches of hair and getting it streaked, she’d say something other than, wow from far away it looks like you’ve gone gray, but up close I guess it looks cute. You’d think your family would have better things to do than to criticize your sentences. The ones they actually let you finish, that is. Or the way you rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Do you ever feel like you are either invisible to your family or walking around with a giant “Criticize Me” target on your forehead? Ah family, gotta love ’em. Fortunately, I do. Lots.