I don’t think that means what you think it means

My friend, Kit, sent me a link to What’s New section of the The Loopy Ewe website. They had received a shipment of the ever coveted, but hard to get Wollemeise yarn. I wasn’t really interested in buying any, but I went to the site to ogle all the pretty colors and to check out what other yarny goodness might be for sale. My content filter shut me down while I was only on page three of the What’s New section.  I was just getting into drooling over a lime green messenger bag from Namaste.

For wool’s sake, what in the hell could be possibly be shutting me down on a yarn website? I mean, yeah, we knitters refer to some of the products as yarn porn, and my favorite blogger calls herself a Yarn Harlot, but I’m pretty sure those words did not exist on this site. I enlisted the aid of DH to track down what was wrong and was greeted with the following:

Member, as in yarn club member, seriously?  And dudes, fingering is a weight of yarn!