Some plans change

Some plans change, some stay the same.

When we originally planned this recent trip to Texas, we planned on doing several things.

  • I was going to see my friend Rachel and spend at least a couple of mornings knitting at Panera and holding her baby.
  • I was going to go to Rachel’s baby blessing.
  • I was going to see my friend Karen and her husband Mark, and give them both a big hug for what they’ve been through recently with Mark’s heart attack.
  • I was going to go get a facial with my mom.
  • I was going to spend several mornings updating my written and online journal.
  • I was going to knit my little heart out.
  • I was going to see the play Wicked with my family.

Here is what really happened:

  • I didn’t get to knit at Panera with Rachel.
  • I did get to go to the baby blessing, we were late and missed the blessing, but I did get to see Rachel and hold the baby.  I’m happy with that. It was a good point in the trip.
  • I didn’t get to see Karen and Mark.
  • I didn’t get to get the facial with Mom.  This is okay too.
  • I didn’t work on my journal except for one entry that I haven’t quite been able to finish yet.
  • I did some knitting and while it wasn’t a ‘knit my heart out’ session, it did its job and soothed me.
  • I got to see Wicked with my family and it was amazing.

We left Texas early and saw the usual amazing and not so amazing scenery.  Funny bits happened along the way. It was freakishly hot in Childress, TX.  I think one of the signs said it was 110F.  I believe it. But over all, there was an overcast to everything. It was hanging over the trip back and left a small bitter edge on everything we saw and did. A few days after we arrived in Texas, I got word that a dear, adored, old friend had suddenly passed away (that’s the journal entry I haven’t been able to finish.  Thus began a small frenzy to get me to the funeral that left me less able than usual to deal with the difficulty that is my family. The smallest and most mundane of conversations can turn into vicious fights.  These little conversational tornadoes rip through the house several times a day and leave me exhausted.  I am home now, but just for a minute to unload some things we don’t need, run an errand or two and get some rest.  We are leaving in the morning for another day of driving, a day for the funeral and lots of raw emotion with a side of sight seeing, and then a day home of driving.  The sight seeing is my husband’s small gift to me so that I have something other than sadness to take away from my first real trip to Oregon.

My dear beloved David is amazing and really knocked himself out arranging all the details so that I can go to the funeral, all while working several full days for a client in the area. Chynna poured her usual sunshine personality all over everything and took some of the sad edges off.


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  1. I hear there were lots of good Dan stories at the funeral. Did you share any?

    Let me know how Portland goes. *huggles*

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