One afghan down, more to go

I finished Stashbusting Afghan No. 1.  It came out really nice and Sunshine claimed it as hers. She wrapped up in it and declared that it was warm and comfy.

That really pleases me that someone wanted something I had made. It’s acrylic yarn so I don’t know how comfy it *really* is, but I imagine it’s rather like me wrapping up in my grandmother’s afghans. I have several in my house made by her. Some of them were made specifically for me and others I got from my mother who decided she didn’t want hers anymore. They are made out of acrylic yarn and Grandma had a nice sense of color.

When I got divorced I took some time off work just to mourn. I had been working very hard to hold things together, move into the new house, get it furnished and outfitted so my children and I would be comfortable (I had left almost everything that wasn’t personally mine behind), and I was exhausted mentally and physically. The kids were with their dad and I wrapped up in one of the afghans that Grandma had made just for me, laid down on the couch and cried the whole weekend. The afghan made me feel like I had a permanent hug in place and was more comforting than a bag of chips and a lot of chocolate (although I applied those forms of therapy as well). That will be one of the main memories of my grandmother. She was always crocheting and I’m pretty sure everyone in the family has more than one of her afghans. She had made so many that she always knew how many skeins it would take. I still have the crochet hook she gave me when she taught me how to crochet and it is the hook I use when I make an afghan. I hope that my children someday remember the things that I made fondly and don’t view them as dust catching eyesores that they keep out of guilt. My mom has crocheted a blanket or two but it was never really her thing. My children also don’t seem to be interested in needlearts. I’m hoping that I’ll have a grandchild or two that wants to learn since our family seems to want to skip a generation for these things.

I also finished a little gift for Meli who is moving into a new house. She’s one of the two readers of this blog (Hi Meli!) so she’ll know about this and will just have to wait until after Moving Day 🙂

The decluttering continues. I’m going through piles of papers and throwing things out. How do I manage to accumulate so much paper?  How long do I really need to keep old bills anyway? Yeaarrrg. I’m off to buy a shredder for this mountain of paper and I’m going to have a great time making piles of tiny pieces of paper 🙂

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