There seem to have been a flurry, a plethora, a whole gosh-darn lot, of posts about people’s grandmothers. They all made me miss my grandmothers so much that I couldn’t breathe. So, here’s mine:

I had Grandma Heflin and Grandma Bunny.  Yes, Bunny. Grandma Heflin taught me how to crochet and always let me have dessert even if I didn’t finish dinner. She was slow, methodical, practical, and wise. Her education, I believe, only lasted until the third grade. Back then, you still ended up with mad reading skills, it’s just that spelling was a little iffy. After I got married, I would occasionally call her (not often enough, never often enough) and talk to her about stuff.  She always had the best advice. My favorite was “Buying used things means buying other people’s problems”. She’d rather save up her money and do without than get something used. She made countless crocheted afghans and I still have the ones she made for me specifically and the ones I inherited after she passed. She had a Singer treadle sewing machine that I used to play with as a child.  I’m pretty sure all of her dozens of grand kids played with it but I am the lucky one that gets it when my own mother passes.  I consider myself very fortunate that I was able to get a 4 generation picture with her and my first daughter.

Grandma Bunny taught me about drawing and painting and the names of trees, rocks, and flowers.  Very few of which I remember, but I still have a large chunk of obsidian from one of our outings.  She would take us camping, to collect rocks, and to ghost towns. That woman moved and lived life a million miles a minute till the day she died. This might be why her mother called her Bunny instead of her given name of Werdna.   Education was a big deal to her.  She was an art teacher and I felt her with me at my high school graduation even though she had passed a couple years earlier. She had the most incredible handwriting. Her regular letters always bordered on calligraphy. She painted a lot of watercolors and some day I will inherit some of her paintings to put in my home.  She liked to give me books and I still have a few of them. She gave me my first round of religious education. She said I was the 6th generation in her family to be a part of the Christian Science church. Considering that church was founded in 1879, one of those generations had to have been there from the beginning.  I wish I knew who it was and how she came across the church.

So yeah, one grandma was Werdna. Really, who does that to a girl? It’s her dad’s name, Andrew, spelled backwards, but seriously, why do that to a girl? The other grandma was named was Bertha. Obviously, I didn’t pass those names on to my children. Apologies to anyone out there who is named Bertha or Werdna and thinks they are the best names ever.

Some day, I plan to have a Grandma Room where I will put a painting from Grandma Bunny above the Singer sewing machine from Grandma Heflin. This will probably be my craft room that will hold all the crafty and artistic inclinations that I seem to have inherited from these two women who came from vastly different backgrounds and lived very different lives.

I miss you ladies, I can’t wait to see you again.

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  1. precious memories- thanks for sharing them.

    and {{hugs}} for your mum’s frogged shawl and a bad knit night.

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