It can be fixed.

I looked out the window earlier in the morning and thought about the snow that is almost all gone and how that was a bit of a bummer. An hour later I looked again and there was a nice snowfall happening. Everything looks so nice and wintery again 🙂

Happy News! My camera can be fixed. It’s going to be about the same price as getting a new camera but that camera wouldn’t be as good (spec wise) as what I had. It’s going to be less than half the price of a new and comparable camera to what I have so, I opted to fix it. I hope it lasts a good long time and I don’t regret that decision. My only regret so far is that the new camera would have been purple (!!) and would have had a little viewer on the front so that you can take self pictures LOL.  Oh well, I try to stay out of pictures anyway.  I’m looking forward to having my camera back.

In the meantime we still get pics using my daughter’s camera.  The socks are coming along slowly, but nicely.

The colored line in the lime green pair of socks is the lifeline I put in after finished Clue #1.  That way if I screw something up that I can’t tink then I don’t have to unravel the whole thing, just back to where I know things went as they should.  Love the lifeline.