Hypothetical question

Purely hypothetical question:

Your son is married to a woman who dislikes you, disparages you, and keeps your son away from family events while married. Your son’s wife leaves your son for another man. Slanders your son to anyone that will listen. Misrepresents her income to get more child support than she deserves. Continues to collect alimony even though she makes as much money as your son so that she lives on FOUR times as much per month as your son. Forbids her family from keeping a relationship with your son, but maintains a relationship with his family. When her relationship doesn’t work out tries to sabotage his next relationship.  And then when she finally finds a guy that will marry her, invites you to the wedding.   Do you,

A. Tell her where she can get off.

B. Politely decline.

C. Politely decline and send a card.

D. Happily accept and offer to bake cookies for the reception and then continue to be puzzled as to why your son is hurt.