Field trip

Last Saturday the Utah Valley Stitch and Bitch knitting group went on a field trip. Janalee, Libi, Crystal, Lis, Kit and myself piled into Janalee’s Durango (bless her for driving) at 10:00 in the morning and headed north to visit a few very lovely fiber shops.  What followed was over six hours of laughter, lunch and yarn shops. Hysterical, juvenile, slightly naughty, side splitting, soul healing laughter.  It was a wonderful day.

Our first stop was Three Wishes.  I found some lovely fiber to add to my spinning stash which is starting to grow despite the fact that I don’t spin very often.

I’m still working on my first batch of plain white wool that I got from Knit Picks.  I had been to Three Wishes recently and had already come home with a large stash of Noro and some other sock yarn so I limited myself to the one ball of spinning fiber. It doesn’t have a label and I can’t remember what the little sign on the bin said, but it’s a lovely hand painted with blues and purples and a little silver running through. I kept ogling the little knitting bags that you can wear on your wrist.  They are perfect for knitting socks (which I have a lot of on needles right now). We had arranged to stay there and meet a gal we had only known through Ravelry, shanknits. She’s a lovely lady and it was great to meet her.

Next was Kamille’s in Gardner Village. I had been there the previous Saturday and found some yummy yarn so didn’t get anything this time. I love Gardner Village. It has such a beautiful crafty atmosphere and I wish they were closer. I would hang out there more often or try to get a part time job there, or just beg them to let me sit around there  all day and absorb the atmosphere.

We went to lunch at Archibald’s and hopefully didn’t disturb too many of the other patrons. Lis totally drank me under the table. We were both fighting headaches with Dr. Pepper and were tossing them back as often as the nice waiter would bring them to us.  The waiter, Colby, did an admirable job of keeping us topped off.

Next we headed off much farther north to Blazing Needles. It was there that I discovered a lovely sale bin and brought home some of it. Well, a nice chunk of it. No, I didn’t bring home all of it, but dang I wanted to. I also purchased my first Malabrigo.  Sooooooooooooooo pretty. We sat in their knitting area and knit while waiting for the yarn to be wound on balls.  They have a nice big table in front of a fireplace. It was nice and cozy on that rainy day. Again, I wish we had places like that closer to home.

This is my haul from that day and from the previous Saturday’s visit to Kamilles.

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  1. Oh wow, pretty strokeable stash haul! I like…the spinning fibre, oh yum…utterly gawjus colours in there.
    I saw some similar to that at Unravel a couple of weeks back but resisted temptation. I refuse to buy any more “fluff” until I have spun my first “plait”…

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