Fall knitting/crocheting

I started this post during November (possibly earlier) of LAST YEAR.  As I look over the list, I am happy to see that I did indeed finish some of the items on the list.  I was going to make this long lovely post with pictures of everything I was working during the fall.  I got as far as making a list. So, here it is again, with pictures this time and a small update of what I’m working on THIS fall.

Socks – These were socks that I started with yarn from Blue Moon Socks that Rock in a colorway called Goulash. An online friend, Beth, I think, made a pair from this colorway and I fell in love.  Hard and fast.  She posted her pictures and suddenly I had some of this colorway winging its way to me from wherever these sorcerers are located.  I started these in the car on the trip to Houston and never got any further than this.



2014-11-19 15.25.55

Granny squares

I started making random brightly colored squares because the colors just made me so happy.  This year, I have continued with these colors, and start a new batch of greenish ones for another blanket project I have going.


2015-10-24 09.27.512015-10-31 21.00.44

Afghans – one more to finish – these were the afghans that I knit for the girls (Danica, Chynna, and Eliza) for Christmas.  I managed to finish all of these and made grand plans to make afghans for the boys next year. That’s just not going to happen.  I do have one planned for Stuart, a minecraft blanket I’m kinda excited about, but I have a feeling that the bigger boys just aren’t going to care. So, if I do make them afghans they’ll be in whatever colors I think they might like in a super simple pattern.


Hats – only three more to go – I made a slew of Minecraft creeper hats and I’m stupidly happy with how they turned out. I don’t think I got pictures of them on the nephews, I’ll beg my sister again for a photo.


Scarf – I thought I was going to make a minecraft scarf for Joshua to match the hat and then just got too busy.

Hopefully in time for Christmas – I did meet some of my goal and I’m pretty happy about that.

This year’s Christmas knitting is fairly light. It’s the Shawl of Doom or nothing.  I’ve managed 11 pattern repeats.  This is huge, people, huge. How many years have I been working on this?

2015-11-05 11.02.12