UV Stitch and Bitch

So, I often spend my Tuesdays at Knit Night.

AKA Utah Valley Stitch & Bitch – I ran across this group in Ravelry and decided to check them out. I knew I wanted to join a knitting group and the one I found in Kamille’s at Gardner Village was too far away for me to go to very often, as delightful as everyone was. I adore this group of ladies that call themselves On Hooks and Needles, and I’ve been going regularly since June of 2010. Most of them spin as well as knit and I may be joining the ranks of the spinners soon. I would love to get a wheel! Where would I put it? We meet in the café of Borders in Provo and most Tuesday nights I can be found there enjoying a hot chocolate or decaf caramel macchiato (yum) and good company.

One evening most of the ladies brought their wheels.  Nicole had just purchased a new wheel. Here is a pic of her and her first yarn.

Could she be any cuter?

Another week Kit brought her new wheel.  I’m starting to feel left out! I have decided that I do get to have a wheel, possibly with this year’s tax return, but I have to declutter a lot to make room for one. I’m leaning towards the one that is NOT portable as I like the look of it better. Trust me to make my major purchases based on how they look  😉

They spin me right round baby, right round...

The ladies aren’t really this fuzzy in person.