Moving Day Hoarders Edition

12 October 2015

Several posts are going to be coming at once. I wrote them, but the database files that make up The Blog was on a server that was kicking around the house waiting for DH to hook it up.

Seriously.  How did all this stuff fit into the townhouse?

2015-10-05 10.58.01 2015-10-05 10.57.50

I’m going to be unpacking boxes forever.

2015-10-10 13.18.56

I’ve been reunited with my stash.

2015-10-15 15.50.25

Keaton has found his spot.

2015-10-05 14.40.09

A lot of unpacking has been done. A lot of tears have been shed.  I’ve been puttering around for days unpacking and finding just the right spots for everything.

The pantry took a whole day. Oh look, I have room for a few more pieces of Tupperware.

2015-10-10 15.03.27

I had help.

2015-10-10 14.28.21

We’re making progress. It took several days for us to realize that we are missing at least one box. Our flatware, cutlery, a cutting board, a pasta pot, and a large sauce pot never made an appearance. We think the box was stolen during one of the few times that the garage was open and unguarded. I spent a few more days shopping and replacing what we’ve lost.  Or at least what I remember that might have been in the box.

Welcome to the neighborhood.