Size matters

I know I’m not supposed to be spending money right now. But, I saw this and couldn’t help myself.

2016-02-12 14.02.41

It is, as I expected, too small.  I don’t come from Planet One Size Fits All.  Even when I was closer to a more reasonable weight, bracelets and anklets had to be one inch bigger than the bird boned people that I am surrounded by. So, do I use my mad bracelet making skills and put all these charms on a bigger bracelet? Or do I use all these beauties for an incredible set of Doctor Who stitch markers?

So, I spent a little money.  In my defense, I passed up buying this fabric:

riley blake kitchen fabric

And this yarn.

pac-mannetherlands stripe

sugar+skulls chinese+new+year+2

I’m kinda in love with these things and I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to hold out. I may have to sell a kid.

Also, I don’t mind a dirty Dr. Pepper, but I really prefer vanilla. This means a trip to World Market.