Cast on conundrum, pt 2.

A couple of weeks ago, I questioned if I would ever be able to cast on for a hat just once and be satisfied with the length of the tail left over.


It took me many cast ons to get this hat going. I even got to the end of the first row when I started to question the pattern. It called for 102 stitches for the large size of hat and this seemed perfectly reasonable until I got to the end of the row and didn’t have enough stitches to complete the 2×2 rib that I was doing. I was then super annoyed at the designer for asking for 102 stitches when that clearly wouldn’t work for a 2×2 rib pattern. I was just about to leave a comment about it when I happened to re-read the pattern, as one does, or should, when I noticed that the pattern is not, in fact, a 2×2, it’s a 2×1.



I ripped it all out, cast on 100 stitches and proceeded with the normal hat that I carry around in my memory.


There is an answer to the cast on conundrum. It’s a very nice answer taught to me by my friend Kit, who is an extremely knowledgeable and accomplished knitter. I’m not positive she hasn’t sold her soul to accomplish such proficiency. It’s to not measure for a tail at all, you just use a second strand of yarn either from another ball or from the other end of the skein. ┬áIt’s just that I’m stubborn. I had already wound the falling-apart skein into a nice, neat ball and didn’t want to rewind it into something else. Like a super useful and handy yarn cake.


The hat has made it to the crown,

without being thrown,

ready for the decreases,

until the knitting ceases.