A Little Bit of Spinning

I might be getting back into spinning. Mind you, I was never truly into spinning. I purchased a spindle and some fiber in September of 2010, dabbled a little bit, purchased a book or five (complete with videos) and received a Kromski wheel as a gift from my mother in 2011. I dabbled a little bit more and partially filled a couple of bobbins. Then the crafty part of my brain jumped into other things. However, spinning would occasionally wander in and out of my thoughts. I watched the lovely and accomplished efforts of my fibery friends with longing. My spinning wheel was always in easy reach but remained untouched, gathering dust. My spinning stash continued to grow, slowly, but I still hadn’t spun in the few years after acquiring the spindle and wheel.

During my afternoon at the fiber arts fair, I gave in to the temptation of another spindle and have been spinning little bits each day on both spindles. Each time I start I have to let the fiber unwind a little in order to remember which direction I need to turn the spindle but I think I’m getting a little better at it each day.


I suppose I should try out my wheel next. It has been sitting there in my dining craft room oh, so patiently ever since we moved to the new house.