I want to craft all the things!

Does anyone else work on more than one craft project at a time, on the same day? Or is it just me?

This week I’ve crocheted on an old project, started and frogged a new project, fiddled with a few blog posts, taken and edited pictures, and I’ve knit a several rows on a hat I. I’ve got some glass beads sitting on my craft table that have been turned into stitch markers and/or bracelet charms. I’ve made ornaments for my Halloween tree. I have dozens of a few new projects that I want to start Right. The. Hell. Now.  I have may or may not have printed simple Halloween coloring pages off the internet and colored them. Oh, and I want to read the Spin Off magazines that I brought home from Barnes and Noble.


Most of the days of this week have been like this. Is this an over abundance of creativity, a problem with commitment, or a heavy dose of being scatter brained?

One of those things sounds better than the other two.


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