Ramblings from the past week

I have Christmas knitting that is screaming to be done and I’m starting a new project. A Halloween project. It’s a hat. You’d think I’d be done with hats for now, but apparently not.

I have a bad case of startitis. Instead of also starting a blanket with the Caron Cakes I bought at a great sale at Michael’s, I calmed my nerves by dumping all my notions into one pile and sorting them into their separate bags. I do this periodically. I have three notions bags that I carry around and they all have the same things in them. It didn’t help as much as I’d hoped. 

These were supposed to be for Danica’s birthday, but may end up as a Christmas present.

Things are bigger in Texas. Even constitutions. 


I totally nailed was really happy with the Christmas party appetizers.

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I cleaned out a shelf and Keaton claimed the spot as his.