Knitting funk

I’m in a kind of knitting funk. I want to knit, I just don’t know what to knit. I’ve spent a lot of time planning this thing or that thing and never quite start on anything. I’ve wanted to make something with the ClearCenter logo on it for a while now. I knew I would have to chart the logo myself. I used a program called Stitch Fiddle to make the chart. I have some yarn in mind for the first test knit, I just need to swatch and plan on how big I want the logo to be.

clearos_logo orange white clearos_logo

In the meantime, I crochet. Miles and miles of crochet. I have a little over half of a Caron Cake to do on this one.

2017-04-20 12.16.11

And I’m still in love with this one: I’ve finally started on the second skeins of each color. The blanket I copied modeled this one after started doing 2 rows of each color. I’m not sure why but it looks nice and I’m still trying to decide if I want to do that.

2017-04-20 12.15.31