Cheating on a yarn diet

I think it’s safe to say you’re allowed a cheat day on most diets.  Otherwise you go kinda crazy and eat buy All. The. Things.

In June, my cheat was some lovely yarn from Sin City Knits in Las Vegas.


This week it was Knit Picks and Knit Circus. My break is over and I’m working on getting back into WIP and stash management. My Ravelry queue and WIP pile is really helpful for this.  I will be kitting up Christmas projects soon so I can always have a project ready to do. They will be small so I can also take them to school with me so I can knit a few stitches when my brain needs a break from physics.

Update:  My friend Janalee assures me that it’s not cheating on a yarn diet. The yarn was obviously always mine, I just need to wait until it was old enough to bring it home from the yarn foster care home.  I like her.