Peace and comfort

I’m debating on whether to watch the memorial service for Susan Cox Powell, Charlie Powell and Braden Powell. I’m really glad the service is going to include Susan. God bless their family and friends and I hope they receive some peace and comfort.

As for the murderer, whose name should no longer be remembered or spoken, there is a special place in hell for this waste of human flesh.

As a mortal woman, I know that I have failings and shortcomings and enough beams in my eye to build a super mall. Had the son of a bitch received his punishment here on Earth, I know I would have felt a measure of satisfaction. As a Christian, I know that he will receive his just rewards in the afterlife and that once I am also there I will have a perfect knowledge of what happened, what he is going through and I won’t enjoy it. I will feel all the sorrow, regret and compassion that I am supposed to strive to feel here on Earth.

This pisses me off.