For Mom

My mom is really a fun person. She loves video games, plays World of Warcraft with me, until recently played an amazing game of tennis and loves Santas. How cool is it that I can play World of Warcraft with my mother, along with my husband, sister, and sometimes a son or a nephew. We’re such a nerdy family. She had a birthday a few days ago, Happy Birthday, Mom!  Love you!

Today I’m working on my mother’s Christmas present. It’s a knitted Father Christmas designed by Ann Budd. I started this present over four years ago when I took a knitting class. I’m not sure why I never finished this, other than well, that’s what I’d always done in the past. I would start something and then rarely finish it.  Since my desire to knit has recently flared up again I decided that I would finish the Father Christmas for my Mom THIS YEAR.  I have so little left to do! A beard, a collar and bit of stuffing and sewing and I should be done. Today. I hope.

Here is how I left it over four years ago.

Keaton is helping me write