A birthday party and a pair of fingerless gloves

Tonight we are having my daughter’s birthday party. She’s invited a few friends and we have all the kids here.  There are nine of us in the family plus whoever else comes. I expect chaos to ensue.

Last night I made a fingerless glove in a manly army green for my dad. Um, yeah, I know it’s not the Father Christmas. I seem to have a mental block about sewing the thing together although I did finish stuffing the head and the hat. I also decided that I can’t send it until I have something finished for my dad hence, the fingerless glove. How’s that for denial and procrastination? I think I may be turning those qualities into an art form. I’ve cast on for the second one three times and each time made the same mistake of getting the thing turned around so that I was knitting back and forth (on dpns, no less) instead of in the round.

Note to self: don’t put the damn thing down until you have done more than 1 row. You simply aren’t talented enough to pick up where you left off so early in the project. *frumple* I bet the Yarn Harlot could do it…