Hats and Snow

I’m sensing a theme here.

We had a lovely amount of snow the last two days. I love the snow. I love living in it, driving in it, shoveling it and playing in it. I love the sound the tires of my car makes as it crunches over a fresh snowfall.  When you drive at night through a snow covered neighborhood, everything is so quiet and beautiful.

I have been knitting hats. Lots and lots of hats. I cannot wait until I can start knitting something for myself. There are a few shawl patterns I would like to start and more than a few sock techniques that I’m looking forward to trying. Until then, it’s hats.

view from my balcony

And finally… Father Christmas

I’m really very pleased with how he came out. I decided against putting the face on him.  The fringe from his hat would have hidden it anyway. I don’t know why I had such a mental block about sewing him up, but finally I was able to and it wasn’t very hard at all. As far as sewing goes, I still have no clue about what I’m doing and I probably didn’t do it as well or as neatly as others would have.

Finally... all finished :)