It can be fixed.

I looked out the window earlier in the morning and thought about the snow that is almost all gone and how that was a bit of a bummer. An hour later I looked again and there was a nice snowfall happening. Everything looks so nice and wintery again 🙂

Happy News! My camera can be fixed. It’s going to be about the same price as getting a new camera but that camera wouldn’t be as good (spec wise) as what I had. It’s going to be less than half the price of a new and comparable camera to what I have so, I opted to fix it. I hope it lasts a good long time and I don’t regret that decision. My only regret so far is that the new camera would have been purple (!!) and would have had a little viewer on the front so that you can take self pictures LOL.  Oh well, I try to stay out of pictures anyway.  I’m looking forward to having my camera back.

In the meantime we still get pics using my daughter’s camera.  The socks are coming along slowly, but nicely.

The colored line in the lime green pair of socks is the lifeline I put in after finished Clue #1.  That way if I screw something up that I can’t tink then I don’t have to unravel the whole thing, just back to where I know things went as they should.  Love the lifeline.

More on socks

I’ve made it a tee tiny bit farther on my KBC Mystery Socks . I had to restart the toe so many time that I’ve gotten comfortable with Judy’s Magic Cast On. That’s an upside, right? I love the color, it’s KBC’s Margarita w/Salt. It’s a very lovely lime green that I’m sure the current camera I’m using doesn’t quite capture. I should take come pictures out in the sunshine. I love this KAL, I’ve learned a new way to cast on, two new stitches and according to Clue #2 I’m going to learn more. This will be my second pair of socks. I wish I’d made more before this so that I’m more familiar with sock knitting in general.

I’ve received some yarn from sock clubs lately and I think the colors are kinda fun, although I’m going to redye one of them just for laughs.

Pardon the fuzzy pictures, I have a hard time taking good pictures with this camera.

All For Love Of Yarn - fingering weight

I’ve browsed through my stash again and I really need to get going on some more socks 🙂  It’s time to fire up some Stargate Atlantis and knit my little heart out.  I may even cast on another pair of Mystery Socks because I want to learn how to do it on one circular needle.

Keaton doesn’t seem too impressed with that idea. He’s more impressed that he fits in so well with the color scheme of my bed.

One afghan down, more to go

I finished Stashbusting Afghan No. 1.  It came out really nice and Sunshine claimed it as hers. She wrapped up in it and declared that it was warm and comfy.

That really pleases me that someone wanted something I had made. It’s acrylic yarn so I don’t know how comfy it *really* is, but I imagine it’s rather like me wrapping up in my grandmother’s afghans. I have several in my house made by her. Some of them were made specifically for me and others I got from my mother who decided she didn’t want hers anymore. They are made out of acrylic yarn and Grandma had a nice sense of color.

When I got divorced I took some time off work just to mourn. I had been working very hard to hold things together, move into the new house, get it furnished and outfitted so my children and I would be comfortable (I had left almost everything that wasn’t personally mine behind), and I was exhausted mentally and physically. The kids were with their dad and I wrapped up in one of the afghans that Grandma had made just for me, laid down on the couch and cried the whole weekend. The afghan made me feel like I had a permanent hug in place and was more comforting than a bag of chips and a lot of chocolate (although I applied those forms of therapy as well). That will be one of the main memories of my grandmother. She was always crocheting and I’m pretty sure everyone in the family has more than one of her afghans. She had made so many that she always knew how many skeins it would take. I still have the crochet hook she gave me when she taught me how to crochet and it is the hook I use when I make an afghan. I hope that my children someday remember the things that I made fondly and don’t view them as dust catching eyesores that they keep out of guilt. My mom has crocheted a blanket or two but it was never really her thing. My children also don’t seem to be interested in needlearts. I’m hoping that I’ll have a grandchild or two that wants to learn since our family seems to want to skip a generation for these things.

I also finished a little gift for Meli who is moving into a new house. She’s one of the two readers of this blog (Hi Meli!) so she’ll know about this and will just have to wait until after Moving Day 🙂

The decluttering continues. I’m going through piles of papers and throwing things out. How do I manage to accumulate so much paper?  How long do I really need to keep old bills anyway? Yeaarrrg. I’m off to buy a shredder for this mountain of paper and I’m going to have a great time making piles of tiny pieces of paper 🙂

The clean start continues…

The cleaning and organizing craziness is still going on here at the FaMiLy Zoo.  Books were taken to DI.  More bookshelves have been purchased and installed in my room in place of the smaller one I removed. A piece of one of the bookshelves was broken when I took it out of the box so I have to wait a week or two for my second bookshelf.  Once I get that put up I can get more stuff off of my floor and out of the catch all basket at the foot of my bed. I organized my tower of yarn again and my knitting corner (again) and all the books in my shelf (again).I cleared my desk of all non-essential stuff which leaves more room for my laptop and my knitting.It also makes knitting more relaxing not to be surrounded by a pile of clutter. It seems like clutter uses up too much energy and oxygen in my life just simply by sitting there.

Previous to this my kids and I had cleaned and organized the pantry and laundry closet so stuff fits in there better. After that I cleaned out my living room built in bookshelf and my china hutch. Having all these spots become clean and tidy is like suddenly being able to breathe after being under water. It’s amazing and uplifting. I have a few projects that are going to take some knitting time away from me (sad face) but it will be worth it. The dejunking also continues. When I remarried I found that I needed to pare down again on the mountain of stuff that came with me from the old house. DH found he has to do the same thing.

One of the dejunking things I committed to was the yarn stash. I had more than one large Rubbermaid tub of yarn that had no purpose. I didn’t have anything planned for it, it was just stuff I had collected over the years thinking I was maybe going to make a blanket, or a whatever out of it. When I picked up knitting again I had moved on to the wool yarns, the sock yarns, the hand painted yarns and built a nice little stash of those. The stuff in the tubs was acrylic that I really wasn’t going to do anything with. I donated some but still had a lot more. I made four piles. Baby yarn and three piles of regular Red Heart yarn. All the piles are going to be crocheted into stash busting blankets to either be used or given away. I’m happy to say I’m almost done with pile one! Then I will need to take a break because all that crocheting has really done a number on my wrists! Owie, owie, owie.

Now, if I can just get laundry done (and more importantly put away) the room will be just about perfect. How does one stay on top of laundry?  Ugh, not my favorite thing. I don’t mind sorting and washing, but putting away?  Bleh.

My current little projects are growing, some more than others.

Washcloth that is being made for someone who is about to move into a house 🙂

This is my swatch for the socks that I will make with this yarn.

Sock yarn from the Knitters Brewing Co.

Margarita w/Salt getting wound into a happy little yarn cake

I managed to cast on for the toe using Judy’s Magic Cast On.  But that’s as far as I got. I had a little mishap when I tried to do the first row and had to start again. Maybe I will get possessed by the ghost of Elizabeth Zimmerman and get past that first row again 🙂
Meanwhile the crazy clean start continues…

Dear Sunshine

I’m a few days late, your birthday weekend was crazy.  Still, that’s no excuse not to wish a happy 19th birthday to my dear little Sunshine.

You’ve been such a wonderful addition to my life and I’ve enjoyed every minute that you’ve been with me. As the child who had the easier labor of my three babies I don’t much get the opportunity of laying the “difficult labor” guilt trip on you. I’m sure I found something else  equally amusing to annoy you with. I’m proud to be the mother of such a wonderful woman but don’t forget you’ll always be my little girl.

I’m so proud of the beautiful woman you’ve become. I love the way you’ve gone through this life so tender-hearted and so caring of those around you. I’ve loved the way you went through school finding the kids that no one wanted to hang out with, gathering them and forming a fabulous group of friends. I love the way you handled the move from one high school to another by looking at it as an opportunity to make more friends. I love the way you’ve worked hard at your talents to make them even better.

Happy Birthday dear Chynna Sunshine.

Letter to the people that love a Knitter

I got this from The Yarn Harlot’s website and since I didn’t seem to have anything of my own to post lately (I’m really hampered by not having my camera) I thought I would reprint something she wrote and then instructed us to pass on to the people in our lives that love a Knitter: This was posted Dec 23, 2006 on her blog.

Dear Muggle Non-knitter who loves a knitter,

I know that shopping for a knitter can be hard if you are not a knitter. I understand. You have two shopping days left (assuming the gift occasion is Christmas.) and your knitter will have a birthday as well. I’d like to help you. Please know that even though I have written this and your knitter has printed it out (perhaps multiple copies) – that we are not judging the gifts from previous years. The small appliances and countless bathrobes have been wonderful. We’re all just ready to move on.

First, take a really good look around your house. Even though you may not be very interested in the wool arts yourself, try and recall the times you have seen your knitter with wool.

1. Did you see one of these?


This is a ball winder. They can be procured from all reputable yarn stores and if your knitter doesn’t have one…they would like to.

2. How about one of these umbrella type action things clamped to a table? Perhaps in the dining room?


This is a swift. There are metal ones and wooden ones. Swifts hold skeins of yarn so that your knitter can wind it into a ball. Your knitter would like to have one, and more than that? You want your knitter to have one. Swifts replace the family member who has to hold the skein for them. (That might be you. If you buy this, then you can go back to whatever your hobbies might be.)

3. Your knitter wants this.


Yarn. Buy yarn. I hear muggles say it all the time “But she has so much yarn. I’ll get her something else.” Hear me now. Your knitter has a lot of yarn because she LIKES yarn. Yarn is always a good choice. Go to a yarn shop, not a regular store and tell the nice people there that your knitter has lots of yarn, and that you would like to get some good yarn. They will help you. Yarn stores are just like other stores, and you don’t have to be afraid to go into them.

Further to that, if you go to the yarn store that your knitter goes to, then they will know him or her and probably be able to point you in the direction of whatever they almost bought last week. (Along with what they already bought.) If you still feel freaked out about the yarn store….two words. Gift Certificate. Yarn stores have them.

4. Audio books and something to listen to them on. Your knitter will love this. Seriously. Ever tried to knit and read? Well, no. You’re a non-knitter. Sorry. Still…I’m sure you can imagine that all “hands free” activities are going to be popular with people who don’t have their hands free.

5. Further to that…How about a headset for the phone? Your knitter would love to be able to spin or knit without getting her neck all crinked to the left like that.

Got a smaller budget? Gave a bunch of your money away? Need small things for the stocking? Knitters need the following, in pretty unlimited amounts. Even if your knitter has some of this stuff, don’t worry. She won’t have it for long. These items are temporary.

– Tape measures.
– darning needles
– Batteries for their digital cameras (your knitter likes to take pictures of his knitting.)
-Stitch markers.
-wool wash.
-ziplocks…of any size. (Big ones are good for stash management)
-small scissors.
-stitch holders.
-row counters.
-needle gauges.

All of the above can be procured in the aforementioned yarn shop, which is, as I have said, very friendly and nothing at all to be afraid of.

Now go forth and shop brave muggle, and we won’t talk about the time you bought your darling knitter a bathroom scale. (I know. Her other one was broken. I’m sure it all made sense at the time.)

Remember the magic words. Yarn Store. Go there. Ask for help.

Good luck, and please, when you see your knitter Christmas Morning? Wish them the happiest of all possible holidays from me and my family.

Posted by Stephanie at December 23, 2006 1:46 PM

A clean start

My New Years started with a top to bottom fridge clean (and the death of my camera). Everything was taken out. Nothing expired went back in. It took two buckets of soapy hot water but the entire thing is clean and HOLY COW, when did my fridge get so frikkin’ big?

So, my loverly Samsung camera has been sent off to see if it can be repaired for less money than I can buy a new one.  Please, oh please, oh please, let it be cheap. I love my camera.

So, knitting and crocheting is still happening, I just haven’t gotten around to taking the pics with my cell phone. Or… my daughters’ cameras…hmmm…

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 🙂
Goodbye 2010.  It’s been a wonderful year.

Welcome 2011. It’s going to be fabulous 🙂

I don’t know that these are necessarily New Years Resolutions, it’s at least a list of things I’d like to do more of.

1. Take a walk every day

2. Write in my journal more often.

3. Learn a new language

4. Knit, knit, knit

5. Finish one of my big cross stitch projects. Preferably The Kiss by Miribilia

6. Scan all my pictures

7. Finish off my stash busting afghans.  I have a lot of acrylic yarn I’d like to get out of my stash so I can have more room for the good yarn stash.

Happy New Year!