Adding fiber

Keaton is adding a little more fiber to my fiber arts. He’s such a helpful kitty.

It may not look like it, but some of them are getting bigger and the top row center pair is a brand new cast on 🙂

There are things other than fiber and family

Unfortunately there are things in my life that don’t involve spinning, knitting, dyeing fiber or spending time with my wonderful family.

My dear DH was out of town for 10 days and returned (after two flight delays) just after midnight Wednesday morning.

Just before he left we discovered that Orem City blocked our little frontage road off so that we can no longer use it to access the main road that gets us literally everywhere we need to go. I emailed the mayor and a few of the city councilmen and was referred to a city engineer.  The engineer (a Mr. Ed Gifford) met with us and a few neighbors later Wednesday morning and proceeded to “educate” us on why it was so necessary to increase the time, distance and gas that it takes to travel anywhere in our town. When we disagreed with his reasoning he decided that we needed to be educated some more.

Um, excuse me, Mr. Gifford, but we didn’t MISUNDERSTAND your words, we DISAGREED with your words.

It is truly amazing to me that the needs of the people who pass through Orem in 800 N are so much more important than the needs of the people who live along 800 N. The city has ruined everything that made this an indeal location to live.Is it going to be possible to fight the plans the city has for the future of this street? Do I have the energy to do it? Will my efforts yield any results?

Also while dear DH was gone I was in a car accident in which I was rear ended and pushed into a truck in front of me. Thankfully we were not seriously hurt and the slight aches and pains will soon go away. Thankfully, we were in the Explorer and not my Mustang.

Because the Explorer is damaged and was the only insured and registered car (out of the three we own), we had to go to the expense of registering and insuring the Mustang. I love my Mustang, but we really needed to not have this expense right now. Driving around town I have this enhanced awareness (sheesh, I hate that word) of just how small my car is and just how big  the other cars on the road are and holy crap they are all out to get me! When am I going to regain my love of driving?

The Explorer sustained enough damage that it is possible that the insurance company will decide to total the car rather than fix it. I’m not exactly sure what this means for the future of my dear Explorer (purchased in 2004 at the beginning of my quest for independence).  Does that mean I will get some small amount of money that will only allow me to fix something vital to keep the car drivable but means that I will also have to live with the body damage? Or that I will get what the insurance company thinks the car is worth but won’t really be enough to for me to purchase and equivalent replacement?

Will I ever be able to get to sleep without the little yappy dog in my brain yammering about all of these things?

Probably not.

Where is the Undo button for the last 2 weeks?

My newest obsession

My newest obsession seems to be knitting the Harry Potter scarf from Prisoner of Azkaban.

My first attempt was started with Vanna’s Choice yarn. The yarn was nice for an acrylic but the colors were too close to the Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets scarf colors.   So, I stopped and bound it off into a hat.  Isn’t it cute?

Next I watched the third and fourth movies carefully to check the proportions against the patterns that I found on Ravelry, made my own adjustments and started again. I’m using Red Heart (sigh) and hate the yarn but the color is better. The claret color is rough and squeaky but the gold isn’t too bad. I’ve used Red Heart successfully for so many projects and they weren’t BAD. This particular skein is BAD. I have an afghan and a baby blanket going right made from Red Heart and they aren’t BAD. *pout* If this wasn’t going to be TV knitting I would have done it on the knitting machine. If I run across some inexpensive wool in the right colors (or even another brand of acrylic)  I will probably abandon it and start again.  I don’t want to start again so I’m avoiding the big box stores. Beside, Robert’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and JoAnn’s all have different selections so I can’t compare stuff side by side.  SO frustrating!

I like the burgundy, but I’d like the gold to be more gold and less yellow.

Jessica is still as cute as ever.