Bits of happy

I’m happy to say that the new camera cord fixed the problem of not being able to download pictures without removing the SD card and placing it in the laptop. Doable but annoying. I’m grateful that this camera that I seem determined to hang on to rather than buy a new one has decided to allow me to do so. Yes, I could get a comparable one. And I can even get it in purple. But I don’t want to. I love this little camera, it’s nice and takes good pictures without me having to fiddle with a lot of crap. I’m not accomplished with the camera like my dear friend Meli (HI MELI!!), so easy is a good thing for me.

I happy that I finally finished what was supposed to be a quick hat, but took a bit longer than I wanted because I had to hunt down, give up on hunting down and then go purchase sz 9 dpns. Why did I not already have that size? I must have at one time because I found three in that size and that brand comes in packs of five. Perhaps I should stop using and then losing them as hairsticks 😉

I’m happy that I went and had a fabulous time at Knit Night last night, I did most of the hat finishing there. I handed each lady one of the candy corn stitch markers that I made and down the most lovely pumpkin spice late ever. Our Libi shared a slice of pumpkin pie cheese cake. YUM! I miss Borders terribly but Barnes and Noble is purt near as good. Cafe? Check. Books? Check. Magazines? Check. Comfy chairs in a corner?  Um, not so much. I do just fine at the tables and it’s often easier for me to have a little table in front of me for many knitting projects but some of our ladies do better in the comfy chairs. We alternate our knit nights between B&N and the mall which has a nice little comfy spot with comfy chairs and chairs with tables. And really, how can you go wrong with comfy chairs? The nearby food court is kind of a bonus as well. Too bad the mall closes an hour earlier than B&N.

Here is my normal view when I’m on my computer. Yes, Keaton is draped over my arm.