Hello December

You know how everyone keeps saying “Holy Cow, it’s (insert month here) already?”? I’m going to try really hard not to say that. While everyone around me is commenting on the passage of time, I seem to be just floating along and not really noticing. I’m happily enjoying the Christmas season. We have our lights up and plans to attend a Handel’s Messiah Sing-In on Friday. We need snow to make things really wintery.

I do know that I have little time left to finish any knitted gifts that I currently have on the needles and on the machine. I’m pretty sure I can finish these things without too much stress and swearing. I’m also pretty sure the Knitting Goddess is just about to launch a little Universe Balancing grenade so maybe I should knock on wood or sacrifice a fern. I need to finish one machine scarf and then seam all four of them up and add fringe. Those will be going to a family party. I need to finish two hand knitted scarves and a few dishcloths. This seems doable to me.

I might be deluding myself.I might be deluding myself to the point where I think I can add a few hats to the knitting list. And some fingerless mitts.

I was going to add a few words to non-knitters that love a knitter but the Yarn Harlot always says it so much better. Suffice it say that we knitters have lots of knitting stuff because we like knitting stuff and enjoy getting more knitting stuff 🙂

Speaking of knitterly gifts, on our anniversary a week ago, hubby and I had a lovely day that consisted of a small bit of Black Friday shopping where I added a small bit of yarn to my stash. We got pedicures after which I felt like a new woman. David bought a handy yarn project bag for me. I am currently making a blanket from Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn that I had originally intended for a Doctor Who scarf. Since I didn’t want to make that scarf again with acrylic I thought the yarn would make an interesting blanket in Doctor Who scarf colors. The handy yarn bag is this little cutie in periwinkle:

If I hadn’t wound one of the skeins of yarn into a ball it would have held all seven large skeins perfectly, if a bit snugly. That will work itself out as I get more of the blanket done. Apparently getting the yarn to fit in the bag is more of an incentive to work on the blanket than having a finished blanket. I’ll have to ponder that sometime.

The next knitting bags on my wish list (other than the Yarn Drum in raspberry) are these:

You can never have too many knitting bags, right?