A non-acrylic blanket and a long range plan

The only Black Friday shopping that I did was to brave the crowds at JoAnn’s and add a bit of yarn to my stash. I also added a bit more to my stash during the Cyber Monday sales. I’m collecting some colors of  Bamboo Ewe that will eventually turn into a log cabin type blanket of many colors. There aren’t many colors available but they seem to change every once in awhile so I figure eventually I will have a nice amount of several different colors to make something like this:



This really neat blanket comes from one of my favorite books, Mason Dixon Knitting. The only afghans I have created so far have been made out of acrylic yarn. I don’t mind acrylic yarn but I want something out of a nicer yarn, one that wasn’t so expensive that I would have a complete meltdown if the afghan got damaged somehow.

JoAnn’s had these colors in stock and I ordered two more colors off their website:

There are three more colors out there somewhere and I’m hoping I can find them in a store, otherwise, I have to order them online and that gets pricey. I struck out at Michael’s and they were my last hope, so I guess it’s online ordering for me :/

I just need Stitch Nation to release more colors 🙂