Happy Blogiversary To Me (Yesterday)

1. Yes, I’m one day late. That seems to be a norm for me. I still haven’t mailed my mother and sister’s birthday cards. It’s well-known in my family that things will arrive late.
2. We still don’t have the amount of snow that I’d like. We got this much the other day.


3. My grand plan to print address labels to speed up the Christmas card process (I was trying not to be late – see #1) has been thwarted by a printer that won’t print. First it was that I couldn’t find my address book. I acquired the addresses through Facebook and email. Then my color cartridge appeared to be empty although I swear I had just put in a new one. A new color cartridge was acquired. Now the printer won’t print. I printed coupons yesterday, so what happened between then and now?
4. More Bamboo Ewe yarn has been found at Hobby Lobby, multiple trips are required to maximize coupon usage. The Long Range Non Acrylic Blanket Plan (LRNABP) advances. Why can’t one store carry all the colors? And then have a fantastic sale? I don’t think that is asking for too much.
5. The hand and machine knitting continues, but slowly because there are just so many things I have to do in World of Warcraft 🙂
6. This doesn’t bode well for me finishing things on time. See #1



7. Jessica doesn’t seem to share my urgency. But at least I finally caught her in the Kitty Pi. She even stayed for a few minutes after I adjusted the edges so that she was in it rather than on it. She’s such a good kitty for indulging me.