Ready for the party


We are ready for the family Christmas party 🙂

P.S. I cannot express how happy I am that the scarves were wanted. I’ve not had much luck in the past with my knitted and crocheted gifts. They always seems to end up as pet blankets, or couch covers or stuffed somewhere in a closet never to be seen again. This year, though I’ve given 4 scarves and they seem to have been well received. Before the party started, I gave my MIL the HP 3 scarf that I hand knit and she actually laughed and danced when she opened it. At the party the family has in the past done this white elephant type thing in which you can pick a gift or steal something that someone already picked. I was a bit down-hearted this year when I heard that they were doing things a bit differently and presents would be passed to the left or the right a number of times and what you ended up with at the end of the game was yours. My goal since last year had been to offer something that would be get stolen and now I wasn’t going to know. David’s grandparents, however, warmed my heart and made themselves forever knitworthy in my heart. When they each in turn ended up with a scarf they scooted themselves out of the game and hid the scarves. Yes, it was cheating, but I figure people in their 80’s who gave birth to this fabulous and funky family I married into were allowed. And they warmed this knitter’s heart forever.