Would you say I had a plethora of knit nights?

I went to another knit night last night. This makes three knit nights that I can attend if I so desire. How cool is that? I love having so many options 🙂  On Thursday a group of ladies meet at Jaxies in Spanish Fork. Jaxies is a nice sandwich/salad shop and it’s a bummer they close at 8. That’s a long drive for only a 2 hour knit night but the salad I had (and the company of course) made up for it.  I’m going to definitely go next week in order to avoid the sugary treats that will be lurking and taunting me at my house during a birthday party for a brother in law. I’m weak right now where easily accessible sugar is concerned so I’m making myself scarce. It really sucks sitting around and watching people eat tasty things that I shouldn’t have.

I finished a hat and a baby blanket that I was making for Nerd Wars & Starfleet Fiber Art Corps. Three projects, three small project, sure, but THREE finished in one month 🙂

A plain hat made from Vanna’s Choice in some blue color that I forget the name of and who knows where the ball band went.

My standard granny square baby blanket and I just love how I managed to have just the right amount of yarn to put a single crochet edging on without having a ton leftover.

This blanket will go into my Future Grandchildren Stash.

Cupboards and tiaras

What is it about the cupboards and doors in my house?  They don’t stay closed. Many times a day, I go around the kitchen closing cupboards. I close the pantry doors, I close closet doors and dresser drawers upstairs and I’ll be damned, later in the day, they are all open again. Does my family have this weird affliction that compels them to leave these things open?  I have a small pantry/laundry room on either side of the back door in my little townhouse. If these doors are open and if there is pantry stuff and laundry on this little tile floor (which there often is), a person of a certain size (like me) has a really hard time getting into this space to get anything into or out of the pantry or do any laundry.  I mention repeatedly that these doors need to stay close and yet, they are always open.  It’s beyond freaky.

Saturday night I had a great time  at Gardner Village. They were hosting a Queen of Hearts kind of event. They place was running amok with gowns and tiaras. Kamille’s had a free knit night so some of the knit night ladies and I drove up and had a great time. If they hold this event next year, I’m going to get a tiara and play along. There was some beautiful Noro yarn up there that I was dying to have, but I was a good girl, mindful of my miniscule budget and abstained. I deserve cookies.



Peace and comfort

I’m debating on whether to watch the memorial service for Susan Cox Powell, Charlie Powell and Braden Powell. I’m really glad the service is going to include Susan. God bless their family and friends and I hope they receive some peace and comfort.


As for the murderer, whose name should no longer be remembered or spoken, there is a special place in hell for this waste of human flesh.

As a mortal woman, I know that I have failings and shortcomings and enough beams in my eye to build a super mall. Had the son of a bitch received his punishment here on Earth, I know I would have felt a measure of satisfaction. As a Christian, I know that he will receive his just rewards in the afterlife and that once I am also there I will have a perfect knowledge of what happened, what he is going through and I won’t enjoy it. I will feel all the sorrow, regret and compassion that I am supposed to strive to feel here on Earth.

This pisses me off.


How many times can one organize the kitchen drawers and pantry and have them immediately trashed before one goes crazy?

I have decided not to try (yet again) to find out and am instead watching Buffy and playing Pharaoh. I’m all alone in the house and all is quiet. I’m soaking up the quiet before the hoards descend and banish the solitude.

I might even get back to indulging myself in my Nerd Wars projects.  It’s nerdy but fun.