There are three babies under construction in this family and that means I need to get busy with the knitting and crocheting.  I started a cute little hat and have plans for more. I think I will do a watermelon, a pumpkin and then either a berry or strawberry depending on how the yarn situation works out. I have enough yarn for one blanket and I’ll have to see how I feel about getting the yarn for two more. I have a lot of cotton so maybe a large selection of baby washcloths instead?

I finished one of the planned baby hats using Caron’s Simply Soft and it cracks me up that the pink colorway is named “watermelon”. I’m easily amused.

I came home from Mom’s with a lot of cross stitch stuff and have been stitching a lot. I even finished a small project I had started years ago. Now that I’ve really stopped being stubborn and started using my magnifying lamp (and have new glasses) I can easily see what I’m doing. It’s been sheer stitching heaven.

No start yet on the shawl I promised to make for Mom, but it’s going to be gorgeous. I’ve made special stitch markers for it, there are 4 charts that have to all fit together and each stitch marker will tell me when which chart starts and stops. I hope this makes it easier.

I will be making another trip to Texas at the end of May. A beloved neighbor and father to two boys I grew up with when I lived in Houston has passed away and I really wanted to go to the funeral.  This didn’t seem possible since a last minute flight would be horrendously expensive and I have no desire to try to squeeze into a seat that was too small 70 pounds ago, nor did I want to get scanned, irradiated and felt up by TSA (filthy buggers). Dear Mr. Grimma and his wife were a big part of my growing up in Houston as I was frequently visiting their sons John and David.  Long after they moved and I moved, I would always stop by and say hi whenever I was in Houston and I really regret not doing this last time I was there.  Mr. Grimma was such a character and always called me Sweet Patricia in his creepy but hilarious voice.  When I heard that the funeral was not going to be until  May 19 which is only days before my parents 50th anniversary, David and I started making plans to drive down again. This time we will try to take my kids with us and have a real family vacation.