Not as tiny as one would think

Hopefully in the nick of time I finished the first part of Quidditch challenge for HPKCHC. They’re supposed to be baby socks, but they look more like toddler socks to me. at do you want to bet that since I would like them to be smaller I won’t be able to block or felt them to be a little smaller? That’s okay, babies do grow and they’ll fit one at some stage or another. The pattern is Tiny Toes made with leftover Dreamsicle from Knitter’s Brewing Co. And I STILL have enough left over to make another pair of baby socks.

We leave for home tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to the very long drive. I plan on taking plenty of ibuprofen and tylenol this time so that I won’t be so miserable and we’re not going to drive straight through. We plan on spending the night in Albuquerque.

Tonight we had dinner at a really nice sushi restaurant to celebrate my parent’s 50th anniversary. I’m kinda sad that I won’t have one of those, but being with David totally makes up for it.

This has been a great trip. I wish I lived closer so I could get the benefits of seeing my family a lot without the drawbacks of being in someone else’s space for any length of time. I like my mom’s house, but well, it’s not MY house. I miss my cats and my screaming fast internet connection 😉 Then I could hang out and not be annoyed at my sister for choosing to go shopping for a desk instead of coming over to visit with me on my last day in town. Because, you know, the furniture and office supplies stores are far more likely to still be here tomorrow than I am. *frumple*

I’m bringing home even more cross stitch stuff of Mom’s, so I’ll have even more stash to try to go through before I’m too old to craft. 🙂 I really hope I don’t live very long after that point. If I haven’t gone crazy by then, not being able to craft would certainly push me over the edge.