I knit a little on vacation

At some point during the vacation, I reached the heel turn on the baby sock and the baby blanket got a tiny bit bigger. I didn’t knit or crochet as much as I thought I would. What I did do was start a new character on WoW to play with my nephew Adrian.  We are a three generation WoW family.  

The baby socks were due on May 28th for HPKCHC Quidditch I made a herculean effort to park myself in front of a movie or two really concentrate. I messed up on one of the heel flap rows and 4 stitches left on one side and 2 on the other. I really do have a sock curse on me. I know, shocking, right? I was going to be really surprised if I got the other sock finished. I considered starting the second sock before I got to the easy part of the leg and cuff of the first one while the techniques I learned are still fresh in my mind but pressed on and finished the sock while having a great visit with my friend’s Karen and Mark. Two happy things about that day 🙂  I finished a sock and got to see friends I hadn’t seen in years.

I did break the yarn diet and bought yarn before going home, thinking I was going to start the next Quidditch project and then I realized I couldn’t start the project until after I got home. Buh. Oh well. I didn’t knit or crochet very much on the way home. I guess I just wasn’t in the mood. 22 hours in a car is an amazing amount of knitting time. I did knit some, I started the Order of the Phoenix project, I pair of socks it he Knit Picks Felici. Time Traveller colorway. That yarn is so soft, I can’t wait to get those socks on my feet.